Fresh delite offers all kinds of fresh juices. We use natural fruits and mineral water to guarantee you quality, fresh taste and the highest standards of hygiene. Our varieties include mango, tree-tomato, orange, pine-apple, carrot, water-melon, avocado, paw-paw, passion and a selection of unique cocktail juices.
  • Fresh CockTail


    Fresh delite's cocktail is a unique and flavour filled mix of various selected juices. This juice mix is unique to Fresh Delite and tastes really great.

    Fresh Cocktail
  • Pure Honey


    We stock the purest honey harvested and packaged in rural Kenya. tell a friend

    Pure Honey
  • Candy


    We stock the best selection of Candies. Candies are available in numerous colors and varieties, ideal for your birthday parties, presents,events and office treats.

  • Mursik


    Mursik is made from curdled milk and is cooked in a specially made gourd container. It is commonly served at dinner with Ugali. It is best served chilled.

  • Healthy Juices


    We have a wide variety of juice mixes blended to suit various health conditions.

    Healthy Juices
  • Smoothies


    We have blended, chilled or sweetened smoothies made from fresh fruit or vegetables and in special cases made with chocolate. In addition to fruit, we include crushed ice, frozen fruit, honey or syrup.


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